7 windows 10 issues and how to solve them 

With the latest upgrades to Windows 10, some users have already encountered problems from stuck updates to battery drain and a sudden change in default app choices. While Microsoft is eager for you to upgrade to the latest version, should you upgrade or downgrade from Windows 10? 

Here are the top Windows 10 Issus & how to solve them. 

Update won’t install or is stuck downloading 

Since Windows 10 automatically updates, this makes the entire situation even more frustrating as the upgrade process that doesn’t go on smoothly. If your update is stuck in the middle of a download or just doesn’t want to install, most likely the fire is corruption. If that’s the case, remove all the updated files and restart the entire process. 

Here’s how to do it: 

Press the Windows Key button + R to open Run and plugin C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and click ok. Delete everything that is contained inside folder, except the actual folder. You will most likely need to set to safe mode if the files don’t delete immediately. Once the setting is complete, restart the computer and try to update the process again. 

The battery drains too fast 

For devices that have previously upgraded to the new Windows 10, you may have noticed how much the upgrade effective the life of the battery. Make sure that your drivers are already updated to resolve the issue. Windows updates can also drain the battery and bandwidth. This is especially with how it shares updates you’ve made and downloaded with others. 

Navigate towards the Update and security and choose the updates are delivered, and switch off. You may also want to focus your attention on some of the new features of Windows 10. Cortana, the virtual assistance is known to come in handy. However, she does impact the battery life. To reserve as much battery as possible, search for Cortana in the system and switch off the Let Cortana respond to Hey Cortana setting. 

Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi  

If the system can no longer detect your Wi-Fi connection, this may likely be due to the VPN software. It will also impact the Ethernet connections. The first thing you should do is to go to the software’s website and click on the latest available update with Windows 10. 

If this step doesn’t work, the next possible issue might be related to the driver. Search for device manager, then expand the Network adapters. Right click on the wireless adapter and update the driver software. 

Sudden default app has changed 

Did you finally upgrade to Windows 10 and find your images not opening in your favourite app? Or maybe the browser changed its default to Microsoft edge? Windows 10 isn’t great at remembering the programs you chose to open specific files. While it requires effort to reconfigure, it is easy to change the default apps. 

If you are looking for more refinement, like changing the program for each file type, some tools have a habit of changing default programs without your approval. 

Touchpad does not work 

If the touchpad doesn’t work, check the keyboard to check if the function button has turned off the touchpad. You can also press Windows Key + I and select Devices > Mouse & Touchpad > Additional mouse options. Click on the device settings and choose the touchpad to ensure that it is not disabled. 

Can’t update or install store app 

If you have trouble updating or installing apps with the store, there is a chance that you might need to delete and clear up the cache. The first thing you should do is press the Windows Key + R. Open Run and input WSReset.exe. Once you reopen the store, the problem should be resolved. 

Flashing screen 

Is your screen suddenly flashing on and off when it never happened before? This is often due to inconsistency in the application. IDT audio, iCloud, and Norton Antivirus are the most common software that has been known to cause the problem. You can update them to see if this will fix the problem. 

You will remove the display driver and then reinstall or switch a previous version. Windows will update your driver, which may force an incompatible version for your device. 

While the operation system will never get rid of the problems completely, hopefully, this guide has common the problems you may be facing with Windows 10. Be sure to upgrade the drivers and upgrade any outdated version that is not compatible with the latest Windows experience. 

What problems may you be facing with Windows 10? Were we able to help you solve your problem? If not, what problems are you encountering? Comment below and tell us what you think!